1 Day 3 Museos
Visit 3 museums with Guadalest as a highlight.

In Benidorm we start this Jeep Tour of about 120km.

We drive trough the coastal towns of el Albir and Altea where we can also pick you up as a passenger. Then we drive through Altea into the mountains on narrow paved roads to the first Museum, Museo Colección Vehículos Históricos between Callosa and Guadalest. At this 1st stop, in next to the museum, there is also a large semi-covered market with many regional products such as nisperos jam, olive oil, wines, etc.
More information about this museum, see below.

Then we drive on winding mountain roads to Castell de Castells to visit the Second museum: Museo Etnológico in Castell de Castells. 
More information about this museum, see below.

After this visit we drive a beautiful route on narrow mountain roads through olive and almond orchards and breathtaking views over the valleys and mountains. Via the reservoir of Guadalest we climb up for our 3rd museum, Guadalest.

We arrive in this historic town around 14:30 and leave again at 16:00.
In the town of Guadalest, we first visit the Third Museum: Municipal Municipal Casa Orduña Museum. 
More information about this museum, see below.

After that you can decide for yourself what you do: there are many other museums that you can visit, but you can also enjoy a lunch in one of the many restaurants and / or shop for nice souvenirs. 

We leave at 10:00 o`clock from Benidorm en will return about 17:00 o´clock in Benidorm

You can book the 3 Museos Jeep Tour as a Passenger, Shared Jeep or Excusive Self-drive Jeep. We drive this Tour all year round in open air Jeeps.

Bring with you:
Spring, Spring Autumn: hat/cap, sunscreen, water, swimwear ,towels.
Winter: warm jacket or sweater, water.

- Passenger; child € 40.00 p/p up to 12 year
- Passenger; adult € 70.00 p/p
- Shared Jeep; Driver and Passenger € 150.00 (maximum of 2 people)
- Exclusive Self Drive Jeep € 260.00 per Jeep, for maximum 4 passengers, including the driver(s).

Including :
- Entrance 3 museums
- Fuel and insurance.

Excluding :
- Meals and drinks
- Damage caused by hirer (s) to the car (s).

Pickup and Dropoff Passengers:
09:30 Benidorm Startpoing garage under Viajes Alameda S A
10:20 Albir Playa Hotel & Spa
10:30 Albir Tourist Information office
10:40 Altea Tourist Information office
10:45 Altea Hotel Cap Negret
10:45 Altea SH Villa Gadea 

About the Museums

First museum: Museo Colección Vehículos Históricos
Collection composed of around 140 motorcycles and various micro cars, in perfect condition and completely original, from the 20s to the 70s. It will surprise the visitor to know which vehicles our ancestors used. The museum is located in an area of ​​500 m2. Apart from motorcycles and cars, the museum is decorated with a series of antique objects such as sewing machines, typewriters, coffee makers, telephones and radios.

Second museum: Museo Etnológico in Castell de Castells.
Castell de Castells has an Ethnographic Collection that brings together objects of various kinds related to the traditional ways of life and the rural world of the interior of the mountains of Alicante. The room where it is installed belongs to the lower floor of an old house that belonged to a prominent family of the town. It highlights the spaces for storage, mainly oil, essential product of cultivation and consumption, the kitchen-dining room as a place where they perform an important part of daily domestic activities and where they enjoyed leisure time, and the block with a manger of ample dimensions. By means of the realization of an audio that gathers part of the oral history of Castell de Castells, it has been tried to singularize a space and put it in contact with the own history of the population. Through the experiences of a woman of the locality are exposed ways of life, what to do everyday and the difficulties to survive in this environment during the first half of the twentieth century.
About Guadalest
In the interior of the Costa Blanca lies the old village of Guadalest hidden in the mountains. The unique thing about Guadalest is that the village is beautifully integrated into the rocks. The almost thousand year old village is entirely situated around the castle. The castle, simply called El Castell de Guadalest, has for years been an important defense point for the Moors against the Spaniards. Because Guadalest could only be reached through an entrance carved from the rocks and the castle had towers that protruded above the rocks like a crow's nest, it was easy to
Third museum: Museo Municipal Casa Orduña in Guadalest.
This House was built after the great earthquake of 1644 that devastated the district and ruined the castle's. It was built by the Orduña Family, an ancestry of Basque origin who had arrived at El Castell de Guadalest as trustworthy people of the Cardona, Almirantes de Aragón. D. Sancho de Cardona received in 1542 the title of Marquis of Guadalest. The Orduñas were at the service of the marquises as wardens of the fortress and governors of their states. The house was burned and looted during the War of Succession (1708). In 1756, D. Pedro Antonio Buenaventura de Orduña y García entered the Military Order of Santiago, thus obtaining access to the nobility.