About us
Exclusive / Shared Self-Drive Jeeps and Tours

Did you always wanted to drive through the mountains in a real classic Jeep Wrangler TJ?
Then this is your chance!

Jeep Tours Costa Blanca is a company specialized in driving in Open Air Jeeps to touristic places of the Costa Blanca. We don't drive real off-road! We stay on the asphalt and the paved roads so that you can enjoy the nature around us without any worries.

If you don't want or can drive yourself it is not a problem. You can then join as a passenger in a Jeep Wrangler or in our 8-person Mercedes G. This Mercedes is also an open air vehicle. It is converted to a Safari look where you sit with 6 people in the back against each other.

We have different Jeep Tours (excursions),  7 Vistas, Safari Aitana  and the Scenic Jeep Tour.

Our Selfdrive- Jeep Wranglers have different bright colors, they are open air Jeeps so that you can be one with nature. They are all in good condition, very safe and they have special roll bars.

Our guide drives in front in the 8-persons-Mercedes. He can take 7 passengers with him, but you can also follow him with the rented Jeep Wrangler through the beautiful mountains off the Costa Blanca.

We don't drive real Off road ,only paved roads ,Do you prefer an exiting real Off- Road Route, then you can book it at https://www.4x4-routes.com/ in Altea.